Automate and reinforce document verification thanks to the most advanced technologies.

The most advanced document control API on the market.


Best market results

Thanks to our data scientists team and in house technologies for machine learning, deep learning and OCR, we are able to provide the best recognition and reading rates. And these results can be obtained whatever the images source are : scanner or smartphone camera.

For TSPs and software editors

PreventGo provides to TSPs a certified process to check end users identities in order to ensure electronic signatures legal value. Software editors can easily and quickly improve their own solutions adding cutting edge document verification functionalities.

Easy integration

Based on the REST and JSON standards, our APIs are designed to be integrated as fast as possible. You can try it directly on the API documentation page and if you have any questions, fell free to use our FAQ page.

Privacy by design and security by default

Hosted in a « Tier 3 » datacenter, PreventGo is a transactionnal and stateless service. We don’t record the data or images passed through our APIs. The SLA, security and privacy level of the service have been audited by the independent certification body LSTI.

Our average response times

0 s
Physical person identity
0 s
Bank account detail information
0 s
Energy or Telecom provider


Widest catalog of supported documents
National identity card, passport, residence permit, RIB, telecom and energy provider bill, tax notice but also vehicle registration certificate can be analyzed by PreventGo.
Conformity check
Scanned documents quality is checked as well as the consistency of its information with the reference information
Authenticity check
Authenticity of documents is verified thanks to internal control mechanisms to the document or external repositories.
Data extraction
Key data from documents are extracted to allow you to pre-fill forms or improve your IS.
High availability service
The service has 99.90% availability. A business continuity and business recovery plan ensures its robustness.
Security and privacy
Principles of “Security by default” and “privacy by design” are at the heart of the design of PreventGo.
Based on a virtualized architecture, the service responds to your peak loads effortlessly.
Compliance with European standards
Audited by LSTI and recognized as compliant with the european standards, PreventGo ensures automated controls that comply with your regulatory obligations (KYC and electronic signature).

How it works ?

Data : control & extraction

Our API extracts controlled data from all types of documents.
Before After
Retrieve the data of the checked document as well as a certificate of conformity
Example of a request
Example of a response